(Fake) Media in Poland

Not Real Media, Just Property Media!

OK so the headline was fake …ish.

Depending on where you are from, the extra costs on top of the monthly rent, called Media in Poland, can be perfectly understandable or bafflingly complex to navigate.

Beginning with advertised offers, many times the rental amount does not include the extra fees applicable. These fees can include the obvious electricity or water charges to the more opaque building management fees

Additionally, you may be required to actually call to each utility office and register with them before moving in. Of course, this must be repeated at the end of the lease to un-register. No small feat if you don’t speak Polish but in many cases, a good property agent will be happy to help you out with this. If you aren’t using an agent, the Landlord should accompany you to the utility office, as their signatures may also be required.

Things to consider –

Gas is cheaper than electric and many adverts will define this as it can be an important decision factor for locals when renting.

Building Management fees can vary widely but a good rule of thumb is that a new building can be 2/3 times more expensive than old tenement houses so it is recommended that you confirm this at the beginning.

One solution for those who don’t need the hassle would be to agree with the landlord an all-in monthly price that can be adjusted upon receipt of confirmed utility bills.

At the very least, we would suggest that you discuss it with your agent or Landlord prior to a viewing so your budget is kept in line. Nothing fake about that!

Happy Hunting,

Team noknok.pl

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