For Agencies

Want More Clients?

Think of as your direct marketing department into the 1 million+ foreigners living, working, buying and renting property in Poland.

Think of the many foreign investors who are also interested in the dynamic Polish property market that you are a part of.

You can google translate a word but not a conversation

If you have ever been a foreigner in an unfamiliar land, you will understand why we have an audience. Why not make them your audience? Why not make them your client?

noknok know’s who they are, where they are and how to show them your property.

How we Promote your Property

Through our sister sites,, (1,000 unique visitors a month), The Digest, (3,000 + and growing, followers), our relationships with WroclawUncut, The Krakcast, TriCity News, KidsintheCity and more, we speak directly with Foreigners in Poland.

Through our relationships with Corporate Social Clubs, Language Schools, Sports Clubs, English language Bookstores and more, we speak directly with Foreigners in Poland.

Through active engagement across Social media, targeting property buyers in Poland & Abroad, we speak to people who want to be your customer.

Cheaper than a Sunday Morning Coffee

Only 495 zl. net per year. Yes, that’s right, less than 10 zl. a week. Just ensure you have a Sales Person who can speak at least English and we will do the rest.


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